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What is Manic Mondays?

Manic Mondays is an event being run by Super League Gaming through ggCircuit’s global network of gaming centers to celebrate the launch of Fortnite, Season 11.  ggCircuit is partnering with Epic Games who is funding the prize pool of $130,000 and supplying 20 official Fortnite servers on which to run the event.  There is Squads Tournament  – Weekend Countdown – running in 5 regions over the weekend of 25th – 27th October, followed by a weekly Monday solos tournament – Manic Mondays – which starts on Monday 28th October through to Monday 16h December.

The official event web page can be found at https://www.superleague.com/manicmondays

What & when is the Manic Mondays weekly Solo Tournament?

Participating players in Rails can join every Monday starting 10:00AM until closing time.

Players can play as many games as they want and in any mode they want. Top 5 games will be used for the scoring.

At the end of the day, the top 10 players in the Middle East region will win $200 (US) each.

Manic Mondays will run for 8 weeks starting on Monday 28th October and ending on Monday 16th December 2019.

How can players take part ?

Players have to create/log in to their ggLeap account at Rails and link it with their Super League Gaming account in the client. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you create an account with a valid email address and remember what that is. In order for you to receive winner notifications and payments should you win a prize, you need to have a valid email address on file with Rails, otherwise Epic will not be able to get in touch with you and you could have to forfeit their prize.
If you don’t already have a Super League Gaming account you can sign up for one at Rails through the client or create one online here: https://www.superleague.com/create-account/

1. The gamer logs into their game center ggLeap account
2. The gamer clicks on the “Events” button in the bottom right corner
3. The gamer will click on the Fortnite Tournament registration menu
4. The gamer will click the button to “Link your account to Super League”
5. The gamer is presented with a Super League Register/Sign In screen
6. The gamer signs up simply by providing a login/password and date of birth (required for COPPA compliance) – in the case the gamer has a Super League account they will enter their credentials
7. The gamer is redirected back to ggLeap and can enter the Fortnite tournament.

How will prizes be awarded?

All cash prize payouts will be managed directly through Epic’s prize payout system. Winners will be identified after the event and sent notification about next steps needed in order to redeem their prize. Please be aware that is is very important to make sure that your email address is up to date in our system so that in the event you win a prize, you can be contacted with no issue.

Is there an age restriction?

Players need to be at least 13 yrs or older by the tournament start date (October 25th, 2019) to take part. In the case if a player is under the age of 18, they are required to obtain consent from a parent or legal guardian to participate in the Tournament and the parent or legal guardian needs to verify the granting of consent and sign a release. 

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