CS:GO Tournament Feb. 17

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AED 250 Winner Prize
Organized by E-sports Schools

Monday February 17 @ 1:00PM

Tournament Rules

By participating in the 5v5 CS:GOTournament (the “Contest”), Contestants agree to be bound by these 5v5 CS:GO Tournament Official Contest Rules (the “Rules”), which are binding and final on matters relating to this Contest.


The 5v5 CS:GO Tournament is your chance to show your skills and earn cash prizes. Teams will compete in a 5v5 mode. First place winner will get AED 250. Teams will play in Jumeirah branch. This tournament is organized by E-sports Schools. 

Check out their instagram page @esports.schools

Join the discord server to learn more: https://discord.gg/jNZjMVg


1st Place: AED 250




The tournament will take place on Monday February 17 at 1:00PM in Rails Jumeirah branch.

  • 5v5 mode
  • No pause
  • Single elimination bracket system
  • 30 rounds in each game
  • First team to win 16 rounds wins the match
  • Final will be best of 3
  • Dust II will be chosen by default as the map if both teams can’t agree on a map.
  • The teams will be 5v5 standard teams.
  • The bracket will be decided randomly.
  • In case of any other dispute, referee/admin’s decision will be final
  • The tournament rules may be subject to change at short notice on the spot. 
  • Rails reserves the rights to cancel the tournament at any time prior to the start date and refund the money collected.

This tournament requires all players to confirm their participation. Players should be present no later than 12:30PM


The use of in-game changing scripts is strictly prohibited.

The use of peripheral macros

Players are expected to put forth their best effort in all games.

Players may not use the alias jump throw bind. Players are allowed to use the macro jump throw.

Pixel walking is not permitted. A player will be considered to be pixel walking if they manipulate their character into sitting or standing on invisible map edges.

The bomb may not be planted in a location where it cannot be defused, in a location where it is not touching a solid object, or in a location where it is not making the normal “beeping” noise.

Players may not use objects to cover a bomb in such a way that it cannot be defused.

Players may not defuse a bomb through a solid object.

Clipping is not permitted. A player will be considered to be clipping if they boost their character through a solid object or manipulate their character in order to see over, under, and/or through a solid object.

Players/Teams may not intentionally forfeit a game or conspire to manipulate rankings or brackets.

Any form of cheating and/or ghosting is strictly forbidden and may lead to immediate disqualification and previous matches may also be reviewed. 

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