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Rails features four Knightshot Tournament Edition 9-foot billiards tables, offering an exceptional playing experience for billiards enthusiasts. These tables are designed with tournament-grade precision, providing a flawlessly smooth and level playing surface that ensures accurate ball movement and consistency. Each table boasts a robust construction with high-quality materials, including premium felt and cushions that enhance the gameplay. The elegant design and professional standards of the Knightshot tables make them a centerpiece of our gaming area, perfect for both casual players and serious competitors looking to enjoy a top-tier billiards experience in Dubai.

I recently visited Rails and was blown away by the quality of their billiards tables. As an avid billiards player, I can confidently say these are some of the best tables I've ever played on. The playing surface is impeccably smooth and level, ensuring every shot is precise and consistent. Whether you're a casual player or a serious competitor, these tables offer a professional feel that's hard to find elsewhere. I can't wait to return for more games on these fantastic tables!

Georges Slim
billiards dubai
billiards dubai

Designed for professionals, Knight Shot Royal Tournament Pool table is recognized by the WPA (World Pool Association) which has been used in the U.A.E World Cup for the last 9 years and European Championship. Knight Shot official line of tournament tables, performance engineered to provide exceptional playability.

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Frequently asked questions

Rails has four tournament edition Royal 9-foot billiards tables.

At Rails Gaming, enjoy billiards for AED 40 per hour. Minimum playing time is 15 minutes. Pay AED100 instead of AED120 if you play for three hours.

Customers can play 8-ball or 9-ball games.